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"Life isn't fair, but neither is the grace of God. Through His extravagant sacrifice, Jesus Christ redeemed us, released us, and restored us to a life worth living. Tammy Dahl's story is a picture of the redeeming grace of God in its most potent form." - Dr. Terry M. Crist, author of The Image Maker and Pastor of CitiChurch International

"My Father's Smile is a must read for women who have been wounded by an earthly father figure, as well as for those who would reach out to wounded women. Tammy lets us look at her life and shows us that God can be the Love that so many women seek, but look for in all the wrong places. In a personal, practical, way, this courageous woman's life will offer peace and inspiration for overcoming an abusive past." - Vickie Burress, Victims Assistance Coordinator, Citizens for Community Values

"Rejoice in Tammy's discoveries as you travel down the road where sin once took her and on to the foot of the Cross, straight into the Savior's arms. There you will find joy and hope. There you will find peace and forgiveness. There you will find Jesus, the Lover of her soul...and of yours." - Lisanne McMurray, author of Dancing In His Light

Comments from Readers:

"I found your work to be thought- provoking, courageous and inspiring. My family and I read a lot. A daily routine in our house by all of us...but I have not read a book as thought-provoking (Chicken Soup for the Soul, kind of) since I finished the "Left Behind" series or the "Celestine Prophecy." Thank you."
- Lynette

"I almost read the whole book in one sitting. It is AWESOME!! I loved it so much I will read it again!!!"
- Angie


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